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Eye Research Centre Society
Eye Research Centre Society is one of the leading NGO’s of the state and was founded in 1986 by the eminent ophthalmologist, Dr. R.M.Sahai. With it’s headquarters at Jaipur, the organization is staffed with 13 ophthalmologists, 5 other doctors, 60 para-medical staff and numerous volunteers from organizations like



E.R.C.S. aims at promoting knowledge of eye care as well as awareness generation as a means of raising the quality of life. Its role as an agent of social development is portrayed through its community based projects.

The projects are formulated keeping in mind the local needs, conditions and priorities and functions at grass-root levels. The organisation’s commitment to eye care and it’s humanitarian approach is projected through it’s well designed programmes of information dissemination, education and motivation, clinical and non-clinical services, training and research.

Since the inception the organisation has provided free medical examination and advice to over 17,00,000 patients and operated over 1,73,000 cases for cataract in the 3500 odd camps organised by it. Apart from this, free OPD service has been provided to over 4,5,000 patients at the base hospital at Jaipur.





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