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Eye Research Centre Society firmly believes that being healthy is a basic right of each citizen. Working towards the Goal of Health For All, the Society is active in various fields of health care.

Organizing Eye Camps
The organization on a routine basis conducts a number of free eye camps at different locations covering majority of rural areas with an aim of providing quality services at the doorstep of the needy. Camps employing both the Reach Out and Reach In techniques are conducted with a view to provide services to the maximum number of people possible.

Free OPD Services:
Eye Research Centre Society provides free OPD service to the public in general with a view to provide quality medical care to the needy. These services include consultation, investigative and operative care

Mother And Child Care:
Promotion of safe and healthy childhood is an essential feature of any health-related programme. With a view of promoting this concept, Eye Research Centre Society, has been active in the areas of:

School health Cehckup.
Schools of Jaipur and nearby districts are covered with a series of screening camps. These include the services of Paeditricians, E.N.T. specialists, dentists and Ophthalmologists. The children are examined and advised, and wherever possible, are also provided with requisite medications, spectacles etc.

Health checkup’s in slums and cretches
Teams of doctors and paramedical staff are sent to slum areas and cretches for basic health check-up. Here they provide basic medical care as well as imparting knowledge about basic concepts of health care and nutrition.

Nutrition and Growth monitoring.
High risk group children are identified from the different health screening programmes. These children are then provided proper counselling and nutritional advice followed by regular monitoring of their growth

Provision of basic necessary vaccinations like polio, diphtheria, pertusis etc to the children below 5 years of age is another priority area in which the society is engaged.

Surveys and studies :
The best way to understand the level of severity of any particular problem is through surveys and studies. The organization has undertaken both primary and secondary research studies on various topics in the field of eye care. Some of these studies are- Cataract survey, Eye hospitals of Rajasthan-a report, Clinical Studies on Horizontal Strabismus, Peripheral Retinal Degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes etc.

Manpower Development and Training:
Eye Research Centre Society runs various educational programmes on full time basis for training of doctors, paramedical staff and voluntary health workers. These training courses include :

  • Diploma in Ophthalmic Techniques Assistants
  • DNB degree (equivalent to postgraduate MS)
  • House jobs for doctors
  • Specialty training in Ophthalmology for MBBS doctor

These courses are conducted with affiliation and recognition from the Medical Council of India, National Board of Examinations and The Federation of Ophthalmic Research & Education Centres.

Awareness Generation:
The key to success of any programme, lies in the level of awareness generated in the target beneficiaries. More stress is paid on the preventive measures to be adopted. The society is involved in education of the masses in basic and specialized health care techniques and facilities. Emphasis is on the methodology of early detection of diseases and their prevention.

Helping other NGO’s:
The organization is affiliated with different NGOs and provides its technical expertise and support for the betterment of the society. The society also plays an active role in mobilisation of public opinion and lobbying for provision of better health care facilities for the society in general.

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