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Fellowship Programmes (Short Term & Long Term)

  • During the training period, all Fellows are expected to participate in all the teaching programmes of that period.
  • All candidates are expected to maintain a log book of the work done including lectures/cases/journals presented, OPD work and Surgical Work performed, a copy of which is to be submitted to the hospital office on completion of the course.
  • At the successful completion of the training period a certificate will be issued to the candidate specifying the training received on receipt of the completed logbook.
  • Surgical Training will follow a step ladder pattern starting from basic steps. Only when the candidate exhibits a reasonable expertise, will he be allowed to go on to the next step.
  • As a matter of routine, the first few days would be non-operative for the candidate, so as to give him/her a chance to get acclimatized to the work atmosphere. Subsequently, the candidate would observe, assist cases and then start surgery stepwise. Initially, the number of cases done by the candidate would be less and the number would increase with the development of skills by the candidate and the enhanced capability of the candidate to handle the case independently
  • The expected surgical cases to be given to Short Term Fellows would be 30 cases of ECCE/SICS for the IOL Microsurgery and 25 cases for the Phacoemulsification fellowship. The fellow will may be given a chance to operate more cases against extra payment, time and logistics permitting, and also depending on the candidates learning curve, speed of surgery and also availability of cases at that time of the year. Candidates not proficient in tunelling & CCC may however end up with fewer cases.
  • For Fellowships in ECCE/SICS, Phacoemulsification, Anterior Segment or General Ophthalmology, the candidate will be expected to participate in the Community Ophthalmic Programme of the Hospital including screening and O. T. Camps.

All candidates will have to provide a copy of their basic qualifications, along with 1 passport sized photograph for official records. It is recommended that candidates apply by mail or email only on the accompanying form (or xerox copy) along with relevant enclosures.

Although accommodation is usually available for candidates, in the rare situation that accommodation can not be provided or if the candidate prefers to stay out, the hospital will assist in the reservation of a Hotel room in the vicinity (within 1 km). However this may be done only on confirmation from the candidate and on receipt of a token advance payment.

For hospital accommodation a standard rental will be charged. Candidates availing of the Hostel Facility are expected to follow the rules and norms of the same. Please note that the hostel does not have a mess and the candidate will have to make his own food arrangements.

All candidates are expected to carry their own white coat, basic diagnostic equipment including direct ophthalmoscope, retinoscope (preferably streak) etc.

Any acts of omission or commission by a trainee need to be pointed out to the Director immediately, failing which the candidate may be asked to discontinue the course. In the situation that the candidate is deemed to be unfit for the training course, the Centre reserves all rights to reject any application without assigning any cause.

Candidates selected for the short term training course are required to deposit 20% of the course fee as advance. This fee is non-transferable and non-refundable. Confirmation of dates/post would only be done on receipt of the advance of course fee. In case the fee is not received the time slot may be offered to any other candidate who desires the same dates, so kindly submit the advance fees so as to confirm your dates well in advance.

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