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SAHAI HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE was established at Jaipur, in 1975, as a multi-specialty hospital. One of its main activities is in providing ophthalmic services, both to the patients visiting it's hospital, and to the rural and slum dwellers by way of eye relief camps, organised by it, from time to time, under the expert services of the Director, Dr. R. M. Sahai, MS-Ophth., DOMS, FCLF, FACS-USA, FICS, FORCE, DO-London, who also gained experience in Ophthalmology in England for 6 years.

He is assisted by the Medical Superintendent, Dr. Madhuri Sahai D.Obst. RCOG, FICS, DORCPI-Dublin, MRCOG & FRCOG-London (Gynecologist).

THE HOSPITAL: The centre has a well-equipped OPD, with a daily average attendance of 250 patients and a 100 bedded indoor facility, with 5 air-conditioned operation theatres. It conducts around 10,000 major and 1,000 minor operations per year.

The hospital has General Eye OPD & Super Specialty Clinics in eye like Glaucoma, Squint, Retina, Contact Lens, Cornea, Phaco-emulsification. Facilities and equipment available include Computerised refraction, Pachymetry, A scan ultrasound and Biometry, Glaucoma screening (Humphrey Field Analyser) and surgery, Squint and Amblyopia treatment (Synoptophore and CAM stimulator), Doubled Frequency Yag laser: Zeiss (for cataract & glaucoma) & Vitrectomy units (for Retina). Surgical facilities include Zeiss operating microscopes, Phacoemulsification units (Alcon & Nidek), Vitrectomy Units, etc. Surgeries including cataract and IOL insertion, with phacoemulsification, glaucoma surgery, squint surgery, oculoplastic surgeries, posterior segment surgeries like retinal detachment and vitrectomy.

The hospital has a well-equipped optical workshop for making & fitting of spectacles. The hospital is manned by a staff of 25 doctors, 60 para-medical staff and 10 administrative officers.

The Hospital has the unique privilege of being the only Hospital in Rajasthan accredited by the National Board of Examinations for provision of Post Graduate Training in Ophthalmology.

This Hospital is recognized for treatment of the Employees and dependents of various Organisations/Institutions including employees of Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS), University of Rajasthan, Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, Rajasthan State Mines, various Centralised Banks

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